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X-SiGMA Hangman

X-SIGMA Hangman Icon

Let's play X-SiGMA Hangman an entertaining game for the entire family! If you have ever played the classic school board Hangman, you just need to try our newest version out. We changed a lot to provide you even more fun to play and make the gameplay a way easier. Equally, we remained the basic graphical interface, therefore, we produced a classical style game in a modern edition.

Frosty's Adventures

Frosty Adventures Icon

Dive into a virtual world with Frosty joining him on one of his great adventures. If you’re brave enough, you can help Frosty in this year’s Halloween Trick n’ Treating competition. But be careful, it’s going to be a spooky night! If you prefer Christmas presents than Halloween candies, go with Frosty to the North Pole and help Santa to find all the gifts before dawn or Christmas will be ruined!

X-SiGMA Snake

X-SIGMA Snake Icon

Eat as many apples Apple as you can to grow as big as possible, and score as many points as you can. But remember to avoid hitting the wall and your own tail! How long can you survive? The X-SiGMA version of this classic browser game will provide you a lot of fun! Now you can choose between two levels of difficulty - Normal and Hard. Are you brave enough to try yourself at the Hard level?



The X-SiGMA Password Generator that helps you generate complex and secure passwords. Our aim is to help you protect your privacy, so X-PASS doesn't save generated passwords anywhere on your device or stream them to a cloud. X-PASS is very intuitive and easy to use. Using a simple system of checkboxes, you can select which and how many characters your password will contain when generated.