Enhance your security!


The X-SiGMA Password Generator that helps you generate complex and secure passwords. Our aim is to help you protect your privacy, so X-PASS doesn't save generated passwords anywhere on your device or stream them to a cloud.

Generated password can be copied so you can use it to when signing up online, however when the application is closed the generated password is wiped from your clipboard. For this reason we strongly recommend closing X-PASS after each use, instead of leaving it to work in the background.

How to use X-PASS?

Simplified security.

X-PASS is very Intuitive and easy to use. Using a simple system of checkboxes, you can select which characters your password will contain when generated. The slider located below shows a number of characters that the password may be composed of, as a default we have set this to six characters. We at X-SiGMA strongly recommend using a password of this length (or longer) and include 2-3 characters from the group above. The longer and more varied your password is the harder it is to break, providing the best security for your data.

Legal Notice

Please be aware!

X-SiGMA is not responsible for the misuse of X-PASS. Failure to follow advice and using a weak password is done at your own risk. All passwords generated using the recommendations of X-PASS should be unique, difficult to discover and protect your data well. However, in the unfortunate event that your password is hacked or stolen X-SiGMA cannot be held responsible.